Most WordPress users use drag and drop page builders. The popularity of these page builders has increased over the last few years. They allow users to create stylish and professional looking website and articles designs using an interface that is user-friendly. They also help developers to create pages easily and quickly. Starters can use these page builders to create stylish pages something that they can struggle to achieve on their own. It is therefore not a surprise at all that drag and drop page builders are the most popular.

Just as the name suggests, WordPress users can build their pages using a drag and drop system. The drag and drop page builders are WordPress plugins meaning that they can be used with any WordPress theme.

Some years ago, I used Visual Composer as it was the first drag and drop page builder in the market. While this solution remains popular to this day, many other solutions that are equally good are now available. Today, the market has grown more competitive than ever before. With many solutions to choose from, WordPress users are immensely benefiting from the competition.

The purpose of these page builders is largely the same, that is, to help you create and style pages. It is important to note they all don’t work in the same way. You, therefore, need to get the one that perfectly fits your purpose. Choosing the best page builder is not a walk in the park. The two factors to consider when choosing a page builder include:

  1. Modules
    It is important to note that drag and drop page builders have their own unique models also referred to as blocks, elements and widgets. The best page builder for you is the one that has everything that you need such as tables, styling, media support or anything else.
  2. Interface
    It usually takes some time before learning how most drag and drop builders work. However, some solutions have steep learning curves that can accelerate your learning. They are therefore the most efficient in the long run.
    In this article, I will be sharing with you about a collection of the best drag and drop page builders available in the market and the ones that you can use on the WordPress platform.


Apart from being the very first solution, Visual Composer is also the best-selling drag and drop page builder by far. It has been recognized as the highest selling WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon. With the use of this feature packed page builder, you can style content in the frontend, that is, your live website, or the backend, that is, the post editor. This plugin is developer friendly, and it is responsive meaning that all the content looks great even on mobile devices!


This page builder has more than 45 content modules including post grids, social media modules, media support, charts and much more. Widgets can also be inserted into the content area. The possibilities of Visual Composer are simply unlimited! All the modules can be styled using skin builder that is included in the plugin.

The core version of this page builder is fantastic, but you can extend it further by purchasing one of the more than 50 available add-ons.



The more than 15 fantastic page templates offered by BeaverBuilder can help you to build amazing pages. This drag and drop page builder also has native support for WooCommerce and custom post types. You can also transfer page layouts to other websites using the available import and export tool.

This page builder comes packed with a complimentary WordPress theme. More than 20 responsive content modules are available in addition to support for widgets and shortcodes and this enables you to insert any content into your website.

The cost of a standard license for BeaverBuilder is $99, and it can be used on several websites. The plugin’s pro license will cost you $199. This version comes with the BeaverBuilder theme in addition to offering support for multisite.


This page builder is included in the Elegant Themes Developer membership which retails at $89 per year.


For a long time, Elegant Themes are best known for offering their members a great value for money. They continue offering top solutions to their members. However, they have slightly changed the way they operate. Instead of releasing dozens of WordPress products every year, they focus on releasing a few products that have the greatest impact on the market. Divi theme is as a result of this change.

Divi is among the best-selling all-in-one designs for WordPress. At the heart of this theme is a drag and drop feature known as Divi Builder. Initially, Divi Builder was only available with Divi theme but in 2015, Elegant Themes released it as a stand-alone page builder, a move that has proved to be brilliant.

Over 46 content modules are included in Divi Builder. These modules include pricing tables, post sliders and email opt-in forms. The user-interface is displayed in your post editor, and it is pretty simple to understand. Using this page builder, you can drag rows and columns into your page rather easily. There are also lots of options such as copy, paste, undo and redo. The plugin also gives you complete control over margins and padding.

Divi Builder has many fantastic features with Divi library being among the best. This feature offers many ready-made layouts and it allows to save layouts, sections, rows and modules. You can then use these across your website.

Divi Builder is included in both the Elegant Themes developer and lifetime access membership plans. The developer license goes for $89 per year while the lifetime membership retails at $249 which is a one off fee. Both licenses give you access to all 87 WordPress themes and six WordPress plugins.


ThriveThemes Content Builder is a high-quality front end drag and drop page builder. Its user-friendly editor and numerous unique features prove the fact that it was developed specifically for online marketers.


This page builder has a total of 12 content elements all of them designed to help you create landing pages and sales pages. The available features include opt-in forms, video embedding, countdown timer and a visual table builder. You can also use the page builder to create home pages, professional blog posts, video pages, contact pages and much more.

A single license of ThriveThemes Content Builder will cost you $59. It offers you unlimited updates and a one year support. You can get the unlimited license for $87. In case you want to use the plugin on your own websites and client’s websites, then you need to upgrade to the agency license at an annual cost of $247.


Themify Builder drag and drop page builder is a user-friendly plugin that you can use to style content at the frontend or backend of your website. While using this page builder, you will be amazed by the numerous tools available that can help you build pages in no time. It also has pre-built layouts that allow you to load a particular page rather quickly and then modify it according to your preferences. You can also easily save specific parts of a page that you can use later. Copying layouts to another website is also easy thanks to the import and export tool.


This plugin also has exceptional styling options such as video backgrounds, Google font support and a wide array of animations. It also includes a total of 16 content modules including maps, sliders, videos and portfolio. You need to part with just $39 to enjoy using this responsive and user-friendly plugin. A total of nine add-ons for the plugin are available, and you can use any of them to extend its functionality further.


It is always important to test products before purchasing them. The developers of drag and drop page builders acknowledge this importance, and that is why they offer demos of their plugins.

If you are determined to find the right solution that will bring the greatest impact to your project, be sure to do the necessary research and to also spend considerable time building a page using the plugin you have chosen to buy. This is the surest way for you to discover all that the plugin has to offer.

Capitalize on the demos provided by developers and be sure to check whether:

  • You understand the visual interface perfectly well, and you are pleased with the way it works
  • The plugin has all the modules that you need.

I understand it could be tempting to choose not to spend 10-15 minutes testing each and every plugin particularly because most premium WordPress products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. What you should remember is that patience is a virtue that conquers mountains. It is better to spend some time testing a plugin beforehand than discovering its shortcomings after buying it. You can avoid the frustration that necessitates you to request a refund.

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