Cultivating healthy habits and living a product/balanced/healthy/not completely insane lifestyle has been something I have struggled with forever.

I’m not sure about you, but I go through these phases of epic productivity – completely kicking ass and then… well, the absolute opposite.


Something I am starting to come to terms with is… well, that’s just who I am – and how I work well. It’s not always healthy for me though, so I am trying some new stuff right now. Number one thing is to redo my goal list – which I used to do and redo religiously but haven’t done for quite a while.

While chatting with a few people from our skype room I have discovered that I am the kind of person who needs a check list… and it sounds basic, but it doesn’t matter how much I accomplish in a day – if I don’t make a list and visually see that I have knocked off a bunch of stuff from it, I still feel like I have failed. Crazy right?

I mean… Soren, John and I had an awesome year of sales at JVZoo this last year – and last year we also got a women’s dating product line out too, with Nadine Piat, so it’s not like we are sitting around twiddling our thumbs, but unless I see a checklist it can all feel like all the days merge into one leaving me feeling unproductive at the end of the day, unsuccessful and disappointed with myself. (how annoying, right?)

Anyway, rewriting my goals has made me look at some things I want to work on – so I came up with a few things I want to do to create some more healthy and flourishing lifestyle habits and start rewiring my brain for healthy habits to keep smiling, chuckling and kicking ninja ass in 2014.

7 Healthy Habits For Us Entrepreneurs!

Understanding that this needs to be a total lifestyle change – once I drew up my ‘vision’ of who I wanted to be 12 years from now, I realized that doing things the way I was isn’t going to get me there.

Light bulb moment = thinking sharp and taking care of my health go hand in hand.

1. Making health a priority. For those of you who know my story, about 8 years ago I had cancer… and it was sucky etc, but lots of great things came from it. One of the toughest things about cancer (besides the actual… physical treatment/battle), was how it messes with your head. It took them almost 8 years to give me the all clear, so for ages, I felt like I was on high alert mode – and that I was doing great in business, then that was enough. Getting given the all clear made me think… actually, it is probably time to get serious about this health thing now (doh), so I got a FitBit a couple of weeks back and love how just 10 minutes of activity is already starting to get easier – and is starting to just fit in with my everyday lifestyle now. If you get stuck, grab a FitBit, or something else, it’s fun for us geeky techie folks.

2. Switch this for that. The IM events, conferences and all of that are KILLERS for healthy lifestyle examples. There is one image of what ‘success’ looks like and then you live it, drink what you want, eat what you feel like and do that for a few years and it all catches up pretty quickly. Part of my issue is that I have come from having nothing, being broke poor and then going to having a lifestyle I never thought I could experience in a million years. So, I felt like I have had enough of saying ‘no thank you’ – when now I could say ‘awesome! I’ll have that, thanks!’

So… changes? Instead of saying no, I am thinking about different options. i.e. making lunches with a wholewheat tortilla instead of a white bread roll or instead of ice cream, I’ll have chia pudding – or switch out a glass of wine, with a vodka on the rocks… (with lime, of course!)

Then it’s not saying no – it’s just saying, I’ll have that instead.

3. Sleep more. Part of getting the FitBit is that it tracks your sleeping habits, and far out – mine was shocking. It’s not unusual to do late nights, work weird hours etc – we are all entrepreneurs after all – it comes with the territory, but shutting down my mind properly at the end of the day has been helping lots. I have come to the realization that normal 9-5 is never gonna be my thing, it just doesn’t and never will fit in, but getting into a bit of a schedule – instead of late one night, early the next – I shoot for midnight now and it’s fitting in well. Recharging your brain is important!

4. Challenge myself to discover something new every day. There are so many new discoveries going on (not just on facebook… I mean real stuff!!) so I am reading more books instead of just buying them and putting them on the bookshelf. I wanna make my brain sharper, faster and better. It’s funny though, the more I am diving into this discovery mental attitude I am realizing how much there is to learn out there! It’s an exciting adventure for sure!

*Side note – if you have cutting edge news, ideas, challenging concepts that you come across please do share them with me! I am making the idea of pushing my brains a permanent change, so surrounding myself with friends who will push me and get me out of my comfort zone is what I need and want super bad, so comment here, or throw me a message on Skype.

5. Goal setting and accountability. Grab any person that you know who is successful and this is one of the key ingredients to getting where they are. These guys understand that if there isn’t a plan of attack, nothing will happen – just a whole lot of plodding around and eventual failure. Taking what we learn is great, but unless it’s applied it’s gonna end in tears. Some tools that I am using right now, are good ‘ole Google Documents, and a lovely tool that Harris Fellman introduced me to – Asana – which allows you to plan projects out, assign them to people if it’s someone else’s responsibility, check them off when complete etc.

I love tools and nifty productivity things, so if you have some suggestions too, shoot them my way!

6. Work/Chill Balance. It’s easy for me to just focus on the bits of my life that I feel good at and comfortable with – but my new changes include embracing life and everything it has to offer even more-so. That means, yep – going for a hike, or heading out fishing after smashing out a bunch of emails to JV’s or whatever. Talking on Skype for 8 hours straight might end up being awesome for our bank account, but epically fails for my waistline and overall health – so, working smarter, breaking things up and embracing a healthy living lifestyle is where it’s at!

7. Smarter Downtime. Working from home, especially in an online biz that literally never closes can be liberating, but having productive time and being online 24/7 are two very different things. I am working now on getting my business stuff done and then physically making a decision to switch off, no reading emails, no checking Facebook, no getting that pull to go and approve affiliates or whatever – off means off… doing something completely unbusiness-like is helping my actual time online to be more focused and I am getting in all of the ‘fun’ activities in without feeling like I am slacking off. Win-Win!

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Do you have something you wanna share about creating healthy habits? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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