Block all Spam Comments and Trackbacks from WordPress

Every blogger or webmaster who are using WordPress as a CMS for their websites, they are facing massive attacks of spam comments and trackbacks/ping-backs. I was also facing the same problem when start using WordPress but fortunately, after some experiments with different plugins, I got success to block all spam comments completely from WordPress. So I decided to share these plugins with you to remove all spam comments. These plugins detect spam comments and move them to spam box automatically.


Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP) is a best plugin ever to block spammers to submit comments. It generates a checkbox after comment box which is only visible to humans and invisible to bots. The good thing for this plugin is that you only check a box no need to write irritating captcha codes. So, first of all, install this plugin which is available for free in WP plugins directory.

Comment Spam Wiper

It is alternative of GASP plugin actually, but if you continue facing some spam comments after installing GASP then install Comment SPAM Wiper it will remove all bot attacks. The good thing of this plugin is that if it fails to catch any spam comment you can manually move that comment to spam box and this plugin remembers it and next time that type of comments automatically moved to spam/deleted by Wiper. It will also remove all trackbacks spam.

Anti Spam Comments

All spam bots post links in their comments, so if we disallowed links in comments body then we can protect our blog by spammers. So Anti Spam Comments do this task for you. You must install this plugin. It will protect users to post links in their very first comment. When you approve the first comment of that user, so from the next comment he will be able to share links in their comments.

Cookies For Comments

This is also very helpful WordPress Plugin. Cookie for Comments will block all intelligent spammer bots who are looking genuine and passed by other plugins. So I recommend you to install this plugin too. This plugin adds a CSS style sheet or image in the source code. When a browser loads that style-sheet/image a cookie is dropped. If that user then leaves a comment the cookie is checked. If it doesn’t exist the comment is moved to spam. It also check comments speed, if the user writes and submit comments too fast it will block the user.

My Recommendations to Block All Spam Comments

I recommend you to install all above plugins, I am also using them. I have a great experience with them. I have not received even a single spam comment in my pending box. Some themes do not support GASP plugin, so don’t worry about it, just install others 3. They will also block all spam from your site. I notice most of the bloggers recommend to use Askimet, No doubt it is also a powerful and good plugin to block spammer’s comments but Askimet is not for free now so I will not recommend you to use it if you are a newbie and not afford it.

Note: You must empty your spam box daily. Just go to your Spam box and click a single button to empty spam box completely.

Top Common Tips to Design a Website

Designing a website is not an uncommon thing nowadays but not everyone is a good designer. When you learn all the tools of designing, you try to use all in your design which is not a good idea you must follow some points of professionals to create good web page design. I have some of good and simple but important tips to design your websites.

Simplicity is the best

As I mention above, When you learn all tools of designing, don’t try to use all in a single design, keep the things simpler as possible. Avoid unnecessary marquees, blinking images, and pop-up windows. Use only related images which are necessary for your design. Your design don’t need extra colorful bells and whistles.

Color Scheme

Choose maximum 3 to 4 colors and stuck with them, use these colors with different effects and color gradients. In short use limited colors in design. Use same color scheme in the whole site. Also, try to use images with a same scheme as light or dark.

Use Common Fonts

Use fonts which are common and easily to read, most of the sites are used Arial, Veranda, Georgia fonts. Font size also matters, use normal size, nor very large neither small. Font color must be opposite with background color so that it is clearly readable.

Simple Navigators

Use simple menu, most of the website have horizontal menu at the top of the site. Limit the number of items in the menu so that it’s easy to navigate from one page to another. Provide all necessary information on the homepage and secondary information on the other pages. Avoid deep navigation because users don’t like to go in deep links like secondary, tertiary and so on. Design Navigation Menu items using list (un-ordered list).

Also don’t use icons links, always use text links in navigation menu. If you want to use icons then also include text links with it, which is readable by users.

Logo and other Images

The logo shows your brand, give the link to your logo of homepage of the site. Other images should be small in size so that they load faster and appear on your site instantly. It saves your bandwidth as well as users.

Use Home Page and Contact Links

Use home page and contact us page links in every page in the main or footer navigation, so that users don’t need to press back button to go back to the home page of your site. Although its common thing but most of the new designers try to design something new and eliminate some important links from the web pages.

Use CSS and CSS3 instead of JavaScript/Flash

Use CSS and CSS3 to design your site. Avoid using background images. Use background colors and give different effects using css3. Flash and JavaScript’s are now old fashioned, they make your page heavier to load.

Last but not least

Limit your Page length, users don’t want to scroll down so far. Also, small pages make your page lighter and visible all content to the user. Use paragraphs and white spaces in the text so readers feeling good, continues text bored the reader.

Keep these points in your mind when start designing a website. It will help you when choosing a layout, colors, fonts, images and other essentials for designing.

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