In case you haven’t got a clue, Google Chrome is not just an ordinary web browser. If equipped with the appropriate extensions, it can become a powerful weapon for anyone. There are various extensions that could fit all your needs and purposes, ranging from improving small-scale workday tasks to handling an entire business using your browser only.

My ChromEngage review today is going to introduce an extension called ChromEngage, which is able to help you generate a huge number of leads to your businesses without the need for expensive applications or marketing campaigns.

Product Overview:

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Cindy Donovan et al
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  • Launch Date:
  • Front-End Price:
Only $27 (This can be changed!)
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Click Here!
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend!

What Is ChromEngage?

Simply put, ChromEngage is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to dramatically boost conversions, as well as create emails and push notifications. In other words, ChromEngage plays the role of a customer-attracting machine, not to mention that it also makes use of the mammoth extension directory from Chrome.

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About Author – Cindy Battye


Cindy Donovan may no longer be a strange name in the market. She is a masterful expert in the field of Information Technology with more than 20 years of experience. She is now holding the position of Chief Information Officer at IEC Electronics Corporation.

After many years of thorough research, she has compiled all of the Information Technology into her products in order to provide customers with the best tools to support their business. Her profound understanding is shown in her past successful launches, with some outstanding brands being Commission Sumo, Rank Hijack, and WP Blazer.

The next part of my ChromEngage review will further articulate its outstanding features.

Features of ChromEngage

As I have mentioned in the previous parts, ChromEngage can be considered as the world’s first software that lets you tap into the power of Google Chrome’s database of users. Here is a quick summary of what ChromEngage has to offer its users:

  • Generate multiple Chrome extensions

In fact, extensions are tiny sub-applications that help enhance your personal Chrome experience, especially if the ones which are suited to your needs are added. With ChromEngage, you are fully capable of building as many extensions as you want.

  • Connect push notifications

Likewise, push notification is defined as a pop-up message that appears when a particular action is taken, permitting your products or services to reach out to a wider range of audience.

  • Submit your newly designed extension to the extension directory of Chrome within a few simple clicks!
  • Approve your extensions, make it available for use
  • Integrate with your business site.

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How Does It Work?

I highly recommend that you visit ChromEngage official sales page right here in order to have a look at the demo video and see how it works in reality.

Who Should Use It?

My ChromEngage Review also proposes some recommendations on its usage. As far as I’m concerned, this application is a reasonable addition to any digital marketer and product creator’s toolbox. No matter what your level of experience and skill is, ChromEngage has the ability to attract new potential customers in no time.

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Personal Experience

Since I started testing out ChromeEngage features, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the idea of harnessing the infinite user database of Google Chrome to generate leads for my own business. Furthermore, this application also lets me create unlimited effective extensions without having to spend any money.

Evaluation and Price

The front-end price of ChromEngage is $27, if you choose prices package you’ll be able to have lifetime access to this platform. I can’t think of any other product with a similar concept which is as cost-effective as ChromEngage. Cindy Donovan has literally given away everything while still offering an affordable price.

People Are LOVING ChomEngage!

My ChromEngage review also suggests that you should not hesitate to secure a position in this course now. For more information about it, as well as other price offers, don’t forget to visit its sales page below.

You should not worry about risking your money because ChromEngage provides a 100% money-back guarantee. In other words, you can give this product back anytime if you feel that it does not satisfy what you are looking for. However, speaking from my own experience, I think there is not any chance you will return this application.


Furthermore, ChromEngage gains its trust from customers by offering this risk-free refund policy. Eventually, it is a trustworthy deal that you can put your faith in.

In a nutshell, I want to thank you all for keeping up with my ChromEngage review to the end. I anticipate that my short writing has provided you with a general view of what this web-based software can do. As final words, good luck and I’m waiting to answer your inquiries!

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