Can it be worth your time and effort and cash? “Are you a marketer on Facebook?” And “Do you find it difficult to earn profits from your subscriber lists?

If the answer to both of the questions is “YES”, you and I share one thing in common. I was a salesperson on Facebook, and when I first started, I met so many troubles. My biggest ones were campaigns and subscriber lists.

I knew neither how to create campaigns for my targeted audiences nor how to make them buy my product. Every campaign I set up was a disaster, and despite the subscriber lists that I had, I could not earn money from them. So I decided to stop a little, and look for a useful tool, that can help me solve my problems. And luckily, I found ConnectAudience while I was surfing the internet. I got attracted at the first moment I saw its name.

Product Overview:

Creator:Wilco de Kreij
Support:Effective Response
Front-End Price:$197
Sales Page:Coming Soon…

Creators Of ConnectAudience

Wilco de Kreij is the author of ConnectAudience. He made his big success being an affiliate marketer which he has been doing full time since 2006 and Wilco’s new product has been well received by his fellow marketers who have confidence that he has delivered an excellent job in his new project.

The CEO and founder of Marketing Released, Stefan van der Vlag is one of the people who is already praising Wilco’s new product. He says that given Wilco’s track record of producing many 6 figure products, he could not have gotten it wrong in his newest product. He tells people to brace themselves for high EPCs and many thank you emails from their customers.

That someone like van der Vlag has confidence in the upcoming product isn’t something to be taken lightly. Van der Vlag is among the top crop of internet marketing specialists and for him to believe in the product, it surely must be good. He has previously worked at the Glorious partnership and McDonald’s and has himself created a number of successful info products. He is also talented in many other digital components.

Another marketer, Mark Thompson, also praises Wilco and expresses his faith in his colleague’s new product. He talks about how Wilco takes much pride in each and every one of his products and how he is always super confident when promoting any of Wilco’s new products because he knows it will translate into a lot of sales conversion when backed with impeccable customer service. He adds that he is always looking forward to promoting Wilco’s new releases.

For five years, he has been selected as one of the top affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind many successful internet marketing software and programs such as ConnectRetarget, UpViral, ConnectLeads, ChatLinks, ZoSocial ($16.80 EPC), VideoSkin, Viral Optins, WP4FB 2.0 and others.

What Is ConnectAudience?

ConnectAudience – A powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Moreover, want to retarget those who opened your email but didn’t click on a link? Easy. Those that didn’t open your email yet? No problem.

This is possible because ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber lists directly into a Facebook Custom Audience inside your Ads account. Wow, It is amazing software.

Have a look at a video demo:

Features Of ConnectAudience

With ConnectAudience, you can automate activities between your Facebook ads manager and your subscribers, which gives you the ability to build your lists of customers email from any other ones. And if you make any changes to your lists, it will automatically manage and update.

Moreover, you can not only create an email list of subscribers on your own but also build a retargeting campaign on Facebook just for them. This process usually takes about an hour, because you have to go through many steps. But with this software, there is only less than a minute.

How Does It Work?

In my review, I want to show you how I used this product to create a campaign targeting my subscriber lists:

  • Step 1: Get access to ConnectAudience and add a name of the campaign
  • Step 2: Choose the list of subscribers you want to target in “Filter” bar
  • Step 3: There will be “Audience size” bar appearing so that you can see the number of subscribers you are targeting. Then choose “yes” or “no” for the question “Do you want to publish to Facebook”, and also the boxes “I agree to the Facebook Custom Audiences Terms”, and “Update this audience on a daily basis”
  • Step 4: Set time for the update in step 3. Click “Create Audience”, then see “Status” bar and keep track to your campaign.

It is not complicated at all, right? I learned how to do it in 10 minutes, so I hope with these steps in my review, you can do it too.


The greatest thing about this product is that anyone can use it. No matter you are a starter, a seasoned Facebook marketer, or a small business owner, you can use ConnectAudience. It is very easy to use and appropriate for any promotions.

Besides, I think its idea is simple but very dynamic. Even if you can think of targeting your email lists of subscribers through Facebook campaigns, it will take so many steps to finish. But with this software, you can squeeze the process lasting about one hour to a minute. So much time is saved, and you can work on other more significant tasks.

I boosted my revenue from 2 dollars to 312 dollars per subscriber after two weeks using this product. That’s 156 %. What an incredible number. Imagine if it is 10, or 20 dollars per subscriber, that’s when you get rich.


Perhaps I am an ambitious person, so I want to make much more money in the future. But ConnectAudience has only developed on Facebook. If it can spread through Twitter or Pinterest in the future, I think it will satisfy my needs.

How To Connect My Account To iContact?

To start using iContact together with ConnectAudience, you will need to complete a few easy steps first.

1 – Login to your iContact account.

2 – Create iContact API application ID. Once you have logged in go to to create your iContact API application ID.

3 – Provide a name for the application and a description of the application. This can be any name you want. Click Save.

4 – Click the link to “enable the AppID for your account” and select a password. This is the password you’ll need to enter into ConnectAudience.

You’ll need to select API 2.0. You’ll then see your iContact App ID further down on the page.


Please enter that code as the “iContact App ID” into ConnectAudience


Please enter your iContact login email address as the “iContact Username”.

Please enter the password that you’ve chosen for your iContact application as the “iContact API Password”.

Prices & How To Buy It?

Personally, I think is the unique product so the price $197 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register you a product like this, did you?

Moreover, it is very easy to buy this product. You can pay 47 bucks per month, 97 dollars per quarter and 197 dollars per year. I took the highest one because I always think that you get what you pay for. And 197 dollars are totally worth the money I earned. And if you have a Visa, Paypal, or Master card, it gets even easier to purchase.

Upsell 1: ConnectRetarget

The first-ever platform to allow you to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook? Want to retarget those who scrolled all the way to the bottom of your sales page? Easy. Only those who visited your site 5+ times or at least 10 minutes? No problem.

Upsell 2: ConnectLeads

Facebook recently introduced Lead Ads, allowing everyone to collect email subscribers on Facebook with just a single tab. Lead generation on Facebook has never been easier!

There is just one problem… You can’t connect Facebook Lead Ads to your autoresponders – making the feature virtually worthless.

Guess what? That’s where ConnectLeads comes in.

ConnectLeads automatically submits all leads real-time into any autoresponder – making this the tool every Facebook advertiser & business owner is waiting for.

Facebook ads are a great way to build your email list.

If you always wanted to figure out a good way to build an email list then listen up and read my ConnectLeads review. One of the best ways to build an email list today it’s my place in ants on Facebook.

Why Facebook such a good place to build your email list? It is a great place to build your email list because you’re able to pinpoint a specific demographic and market to them. That means that you get to show your ads to people who you want to show you too. This also means that you choose people who are likely to need your products and your services.

Many people think of Facebook PPC ads is just a place to sell things and to fish for likes and look for a great ConnectLeads. But that is not so it is a great way to build your email list into getting engagement for social media. What you start building your list via Facebook Ads you notice that you would get better people on your list.

You get people who were actually interested in the things you have to say and the things you have to promote. They will enjoy contacting you and receiving information that you have to give. This mostly happens because they chose to engage with you, it shows the clicker app and for some reason, they’re attracted to what you have to say.

If you want to build an email list very fast then Facebook is a place where you need to be, especially if you’re using the new Connect Leads tool. It is the place where you need to be because it is where the people are.

They’re over 100 million people on Facebook and they’re all open to hearing what you have to say. If you can tell her your message to them and touch them in the way that other marketers do not touch them then you will have a customer and a person who trust you.

When it comes to social media it really is all about connection, and not just trying to sell a product. That is where most people go wrong with social media did think that it is all about trying to sell a product when it really is a place to connect. So with the gold to get an email list you need to focus on connection, attracting them to you and promoting to them in a very personal and direct way.

If you are able to master building report, creating a connection and delivering information in a very classy way you will build not only a large email list but a following on Facebook. The following that you create on Facebook might actually be more powerful than the email list that you create. You might become that person who’s supposed to look forward to seeing every day about a subject that they’re interested in.

So think about it in a multifold way on one end you are building an email list and on the other, you are doing attraction and brand marketing to create an identity that people have a rapport with and who they will follow.

ConnectLeads & ConnectAudience

ConnectLeads will enable you to get Facebook Lead Ads connected with your autoresponder. This means that if someone enters your Facebook Lead Form (enters their email address), their email address is automatically sent to your autoresponder or email software. The focus of ConnectLeads is to collect email subscribers from Facebook onto your email list.

ConnectAudience does – in a way – the opposite. It connects your autoresponder or email software with your Facebook account, so you can create Facebook custom audiences based on who is on your email subscribers’ list (ConnectAudience collects that data from your autoresponder and sends it into Facebook as a Custom Audience). The focus of ConnectAudience is to get more results from the email subscribers that you have.

The price is rising during this one-off 4-day product offering and that means the price you see below now is the lowest it will ever be.


We’re so confident ConnectAudience will deliver, we’ll take on all the risk. Try it for a full 30 days completely risk-free. But we don’t stop there. We promise when you use the software you’ll enjoy higher conversions, more sales and leads and an increase ROI on every campaign you run.

There’s a good reason tens of thousands of customers have already invested in our software solutions. Our only is to provide results for everyday marketers. Over the next 30 days, if you’re not thrilled with the results ConnectAudience delivery, submit a support ticket via the dashboard and request a refund. You’ll receive a prompt, courteous, complete refund.

If you’re not happy, we’re not and would feel guilty for keeping your money. So buy with confidence and know you have absolutely nothing to risk when you act today. Don’t hesitate anymore to join in the vast world of social network. I believe that this software is unique and you cannot find a product like that anywhere else . Take it to fit your business with few clicks… and if ConnectAudience doesn’t instantly become one the coolest, money-saving, time-saving design tools in your marketing toolbox… simply send the support desk a single email and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

More information about this product – contact to this mail → [email protected]!

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