What Does It Actually Mean To Convert Traffic Into Leads?

A boost in traffic amount is always the good sign, but it’s not everything. A traffic improvement, in fact, does not guarantee you a higher rate of conversion. Many marketers these days are struggling to find a proper way to make the best out of their traffic.
And when it comes to conversion influencing, sales with list mail play an important role. This writing serves no other purposes but to provide you with the action plan to convert traffic into leads and optimize your email marketing campaigns.

How To Convert Traffic Into Leads – 5 Simple Yet Proven Ways

Create a user-friendly landing page


You may think that different people with different niches will have different ways to convert traffic into leads. In fact, besides the unique difference, one of a universal standard that all online entrepreneurs have always been prioritizing on is to invest on their landing page.

Including many different landing pages in your website can increase the amount of traffic and facilitate the conversion. With the help of the landing pages, your website receives more exposure from search engines, referrals, and direct visit.

Add interactive tools on your site


Calculators, popups, and quizzes and some of the prime examples of making your page more interactive. These little tools can make your content in particular and your site in general much more engaging. People these days won’t spend their time on just reading a website. They instead have been craving for interactive website’s interface.

There are several software apps that allow you to add these tools to your site. And the best part is that many of them do not require any technical skills. With just a few clicks, you can turn your page into a highly engaging and high-converting traffic platform.

Call-to-action (CTAs) have never gone out of trend

Whatever niche you are working in, if you are providing an offer, it’s impossible to promote it without CTAs. They help you to efficiently reach out to more target audiences. This means that they will increase the chance of turning the visitors into willing-to-pay customers.

CTAs take their best effect when they are placed wisely. You can’t just put it everywhere in a post. Make sure the CTAs appear after you have raised the need for your offer. Also, remember that “contact us” is the weakest CTA – it cannot really work to convert the traffic. You’d better direct the customers to their payment as fast as you can.

Diversify the content on your site


Videos, images, text, GIFs, anything you can use for a post, use it. Make your site as vivid as you can. People love to experience with as many senses as they can. A vivid website will then bring massive loads of traffic and convert the traffic into leads and sales with ease.
The word “diversify” does not only refer to the diversity in content format. It also refers to the diversity in writing forms. Of course, you need to make your posts relevant to your niche. The thing is, you need to ensure there is a balance in the number of How-to posts, Tips, Article, or any other forms available on your page.

Notification bars


Opt-in forms, welcome redirect, about us/contact us redirects, or anything relating to the notification & header system is worth note-taking. Announcement bars often stick on the top of the page; they help you to dig out more potential subscribers and customers.
Depending on the way you design and develop your site, you can include as many or as few bars and forms as you want. However, keep everything in proper moderation seems to be a better choice as website visitors normally don’t want to be annoyed by notifications popping all the times.

How To Boost Sales With List Mail – 3 powerful & worth-notetaking methods

Make the best use of contextual content


To harness the full power of contextual content, marketers need to use the right content in the right time, at the right place, and for the right people. This calls for creativeness in using CTAs, interaction tools, and all the widgets on your emails. It’s best to pop-up different appealing forms than just letting the visitors frustrated with one single CTA button.

According to a recent study, CTAs can increase about 43% the conversion rate. This means that with compelling CTA strategies, you can boost sales with list mail and make your offers become much more attractive in the eyes of the prospects.

Optimize the location of the opt-in forms


The most high-converting places to put the opt-in forms are: Above the header, on top of the sidebar, in the feature box, middle of the post and end of the post. Different personalities will have the tendency to look at different places/corners of the emails.

For examples, scanners will just look at the header and feature box. Those who interests will spend more than reading the whole post. As a result, a split A/B testing campaign will help you to have a better control over your email marketing campaigns and maximize the exposure of the opt-in forms.

Keep it light and concise


Even a bookworm will not stand more than 2 pages of an email. Thus, it’s necessary to keep your email light and short. Otherwise, your email may not even reach to the inbox, or it is too heavy to show up with all the graphics. Especially when you send a newsletter, the size of the email is the top priority.

Keep your email short enough not to frustrate the readers. Writing a long email is not a tough task. But making it concise actually, needs more investment of time and effort in writing.

The Bottom Line

Above are some remarkable tips on how to convert traffic into leads and improve sales with list email. I hope this writing provides you with useful information and consultancy for your marketing work.


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