Online marketing requires marketers to go through many steps so as to reach success. First, you need to make yourself an audience. However, the profits will not be good even after you have gained a high amount of traffic. To earn more profits, you need to find a way convert traffic to leads and raise sales with list mail. In fact, email marketing results in higher sales than other online marketing methods!

Why Do You Need to Convert Traffic to Leads and Raise Sales with List Mail?

Email marketing has high conversion rates compared to relying on traffic alone. The reason is that your visitors won’t spend their time going through all of your contents or products. Therefore, they will likely miss some offers that they may want to buy, and in turn, you lose some buyers. In contrast, when you have obtained the leads, you can select suitable sales offers for each customer, encouraging them to buy.

In the next part, it’s essential for you to obtain some strategies to get the best out of your hardly-earned leads. You have to customize the sales emails sent to the customers to increase the conversion rates. These are some useful tips that will help you to turn visitors to subscribers and earn more sales from your list mail.

5 Tips to Convert Traffic to Leads Effectively

Exchange Useful Things for the Leads

The most reasonable way to gain the leads from your visitors is to trade it with something they are fond of. You give your customers what they want; then they will give you the leads in return.

There are many things that you trade for customers’ leads. It may be an e-book explaining in-depth the contents of your sites, or a light application. The trial of some products or service also urges many people to subscribe; you should decide based on your niches and conditions.

Create Diverse and Informative Contents

People will accept offers from you when they know that you can bring some benefits to them. For an online marketer, the best way to do that is to provide your viewers with high-quality contents. The contents should not be ambiguous or simply copied from other sources, but they must solve some real issues for the customers.

For example, if you are running a blog teaching healthy diet for women, you can build diets based on local the food of that location instead of a general guideline. Thus, you will satisfy the need of your audience better, and they will be more likely to respond your emails.

In addition, diversity is a good thing, because you can build a deeper relationship with your audience. For the above example, you can add articles about how to make natural cosmetics from vegetables or food since this is a relevant topic to your audience.

Use Call-to-actions (CTAs) Correctly

Call-to-action is a link that direct your viewers to somewhere on your sites for a further action. The visitor is required to fill out a form before continuing with the process. For this method to work, you have to create pressure on the viewers, urging them to take part in. The language and visual design must be action-oriented, and make the visitors excited for future activities.

Figure 2: Via GoDaddy, one of the largest host providers in the world

Utilize Pop-ups and Opt-in Forms

When you visit many websites or blogs, you will see large pop-ups asking for your emails appear in front of you just a few seconds after you get in the pages, or an opt-in form being as big as the contents. This way of doing can capture the visitors’ attention immediately, but some people don’t feel comfortable with it.

If you have applied this method but could not get many leads, then you should try some alternatives. Make pop-ups or opt-in forms smaller, but still visually attractive. They can be on the side, top, bottom, or the notification bars of your sites. Just remember: put them on every page.

Get more Leads through Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are a great way to marketing and gain leads since people spend a lot of their surfing time on social media. In this article, the CEO of Facebook showed that their American users stayed on Facebook for 40 minutes a day.

If you add a link to a landing page to Facebook posts or promotional videos on Youtube, the link will be revealed to a lot more people.

Figure 3: Social media platforms

3 Proven Ways to Raise Sales with List Mail

Send Sales Emails Based on Your Customers’ Reference

Every vendor needs to understand their customers in order to make appropriate offers. There are countless types of data from the customers that you can take as references: gender, job, location, time on the Internet, which offers they had responded, etc. After analyzing this data, you will know what they actually want to buy.

This method requires more investments from you, but it also has a higher success rate to get sales. If you just send everyone the same irrelevant emails, your offers will be ignored, or even treated as spams.

Keep the Contents Precise, Visible, and Comprehensible

The language used in emails need to be succinct so that the customers can grasp their meanings at the first look. Eliminate all the fluffs or greeting, just go straight to what you are offering, and why the customers should consider it. A colorful, impressive design is also capable of making the viewers pay more attention, so you should use some templates like the image below.

Embed Links to the Emails

A recent trend is to add some links to the promotional emails, not only the one that leads to the sales pages, but also the ones directing to popular social media networks. It allows the customers to conveniently share the products with their friends or family. They can ask for opinions about the products from their acquaintances, and it’s easier for them to make a decision on purchasing.

Figure 4: A sales email from Amazon, notice the links at the bottom right!


Online marketing is fairly difficult, but you can make your job much easier with useful tactics in this article. They will help you to convert traffic to leads and raise sales with list mail quickly. I hope that I can assist you somewhat in your business.


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