How To Create A Good Content In Your Product Review?


Nowadays, online shopping becomes an everyday habit. Because of convenient and time-saving, most products can be purchasing online or even further, only have on the internet.

However, the biggest boundary to buyers is that they cannot really see, touch and experience the product before making a final decision. At that time, they will look for other opinions, how users’ feedback and any details review they can find.

But, you have to distinguish between sales or marketing messages with reports. The easiest way you can see between them is the honest and amount of information and the number of affiliate links to the products. A helpful review is not about making more affiliate sales… or at least, it shouldn’t go in that direction.

Understand your purpose when doing a product review

Before you get your hand on it, you have to ask yourself what you want to get when doing this. If you are all about making money, then your review is impossible to give a fair and trusted opinion naturally. I have no problem with affiliate sale, but it should be an added opportunity, not our main goal when doing this. If you can provide an honest and helpful review, money will find its way to you.

Keep this thought in mind; it’s the same when you create any product, which is meant to cover customer’s need. So does a review, the key is to give them needed information that they are looking for.

Know why people need a review

As a matter of fact, people will look for a review when they want to buy a product that competitive with your product you are reviewing or exactly this one. In that way, they may be thirsty about the following information:

  • The pros and cons of a given product
  • Do they truly need this product?
  • Other buyer experiences with this product
  • It’s true functionality
  • Alternative options

05 rules to do a good product review

#1 – Buy or ask for the product to use

It is the first obvious rule. You cannot review it when you don’t have it in your hand. We want an extremely good and helpful review, so information from manufacturers is not enough. A lot of researching and spending hours of using it will let us know everything about the product.

If you can provide photos or videos of you using it, or you react to the product, this will help you gain reader’s trust and increase the truth in your review.

#2 – Prepare a list of contents

It’s better to organize what you want to show in your review. General information, target consumers or primary benefit, etc., it depends on your purpose and aimed reader. This list will help you cover all the important points and don’t miss any feature. The more information you can provide, the better your review is, but keep it accurate and don’t digress.

#3 – Point out the good and bad

Consumers know that there is nothing called a flawless product. By precisely showing the good and the bad points, you are also proving that there is a chance to be better. It could lead to a side effect to the manufacturers. Those companies will notice this information as helpful feedback to improve their product better in next version.

These pros and cons part also can gain the trust from your reader and make your review more valuable. The reason is that such part is easy to read and helps most users solve their confusion. A small tip here is you should not point out that cons if they aren’t truly cons. Cons are only relevant if they someway make the product less practical in some way.

#4 – Pinpoint the perfect consumer for the product

An excellent way to draw readers to affiliate revenue is to point out correctly who you think the product will be best to. For many readers, this product seems not benefit from them, of course. But there will be a niche group that this product is aimed for and they would love to see you point them out. Also, this feature can help you draw the attention of the right people you want them to read your review.

#5 – Based on reliable facts and sources

Feel free to share your own opinion. It’s ok to mention if the product is value to buy or not, and your general experience when using it. However, remember that your opinions still need to base on facts. Otherwise, your judgment is emotional and hard to trust.

Also, if you have contact to trusted or influence customer opinions or reviews, try to add them in your review legally. Such as great people experiences with the product can make it easier for you to convince your reader. Don’t be afraid of negative comments, both good and bad are necessary.


Doing a product review is a good way to share your useful information to others, to promote the product you like or simply, to satisfy your habit of trying many products. However, it’s easy to find a review for anything on the internet right now. So with these tips above, hopefully, you can enhance your product review and maybe help you build your portfolio too.


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