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In the life of online marketers, there are several occasions in which we are struggled to earn more engagements, traffic, and leads. The problem is that we can not offer relevant products that our visitors want to see, or we cannot show our ads to many people because the ads are distributed randomly.

Major companies such as Google or Facebook have had a solution for years; that is ads retargeting. It is a method to send cookies to the browsers of your visitors and track their Internet activities. This enables the abilities to show these visitors exact Ads you want them to see on other pages, so it increases the change of engagements.

Sound great; right? Fortunately, now you can adopt ad retargeting method with a brand new but capable platform called Cyber Stalkr. It will connect you to any ads network and show your ads to people who will actually buy them. If you are interested, continue with my Cyber Stalkr review for more information!

Product Overview:

  • Vendor:
Dr. Ope Banwo
  • Product:
Cyber Stalkr
  • Launch Date:
  • Front-End Price:
$47/month – $67  – $147/year – $197/One-Time Payment
  • Sales Page:
Coming soon…

What Is Cyber Stalkr?


Cyber Stalkr is an ad retargeting platform that tracks Internet activities of users who have visited your websites. A message with information of the visitors will be sent from your sites to your advertisers. So, you will be able to show your ads to these users, even if they did not buy anything or they stop visiting your sites. The advantage of this methodology is that it shows your audience what you want them to see. Thus, it increases your conversion rates and leads!

What are the Features of Cyber Stalkr?

Covering Any Niches

No matter what kind of business you are doing, from product launch to affiliate promotion and E-stores, Cyber Stalkr is capable of connecting you to major ads networks. It will help you to show your audience the ads that you intended them to see.

Support Multiple Platforms

Ads Retargeting code of popular sites such as Facebook, Chango, Google, Adroll is all applicable in Cyber Stalkr. Thus, you increase the number of your potential traffic pools.

Unlimited Numbers of Campaigns

In the past, you must create retargeting code for each ads network manually; therefore it restricts the number of promotional campaigns you could afford. With this new application, you can make as many campaigns as you want since you only need to create one with a few click.

Freely Choosing Your Landing Pages

Your websites currently may not have many visitors, so you worry about the effectiveness of retargeting. However, Cyber Stalkr allows you to retarget from other sites; it only requires you to have an account there. Imagine how profitable your business will be if you can show your ads to numerous visitors on eBay or Amazon.

Price and How to Buy It?

These are three options for you to consider:


How Does It Work?

You don’t need any training or knowledge to use the software, all requirement are these steps, which will be done with a few clicks:

  • Step 1: Create a new campaign ( audience)
  • Step 2: Choose the name of your campaigns
  • Step 3: Paste the retargeting URL from the ads network.
  • Step 4: Type the URL of your intended landing pages!

For more info, watch this demo video:

“Does FREE Traffic Still Exist?” Well, let me show you…

Learn more:

Why Should You Buy It?


Retargeting is a Proven Method

Major ads networks and advertisers all exploit this method to increase their traffic, action and leads. Surveys showed that 26% more users are keen on buying the products after they saw the retargeted ads; while 46% users felt comfortable when they see relevant compared to nearly zero users having positive opinions on irrelevant ads. So you should change your business right now if you don’t want to waste more opportunities.

It is Newbie-Friendly

No training, skills or experience like programming, networking is required to fully take advantages of Cyber Stalkr. The software is so powerful that it does all of your jobs, lets you connect to all of the major ads networks with only a few clicks.



If you are struggling to make profits from your business, it may come from the fact that your ads are not relevant to your visitors. So, why don’t you give Cyber Stalkr a try? It will give you the abilities to show your visitors exactly what they need. Furthermore, it also drastically expands your traffic pool because it works on other sites, and turns any pages you want to a landing page.

You should not worry about 30 days of money back guarantee. Try it and enjoy it like how I did that I have shown you in my Cyber Stalkr review! Thank you for reading.

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