GramKosh v2.0 Pro Review

GramKosh v2.0 Review

Conquer the Instagram Marketing with One Ultimate Suite



Every day,  billions of people are active on social media. According to statistics, 2,789 billion people are active on major platforms. Some come for the news while others hunt for opportunities. Indeed, the social media has grown faster than any kind of internet-based thing.  One of the biggest platforms is Instagram. Just in 7 years of development, Instagram has managed to reach 700 million users as of April 2017. The popularity of this social network has taken the world by storm; it affects almost every aspect of the modern life.

Because of its wide recognition, the marketing activity on Instagram quickly become a sensation and is trending everywhere in the world. 51% of the platform’s active users visit the site on a daily basis make them reachable for marketing projects. This GramKosh v2.0 review today will show you the simple method to become a successful Instagram Marketer.

Product Overview:

  • Vendor:
Geekotech – Saurabh Bhatnagar & Gaurav Madaan
  • Product:
GramKosh v2.0
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price:
$97 – $197 (This price can be changed!)
  • Sales Page:
Warning: Currently this product is not able to be sold
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend!

What Is GramKosh v2.0?

GramKosh v2.0 is the ultimate suite designed only for Instagram Marketing. This is the only web-based application that use Instagram Stories to spread your posts. GramKosh v2.0 comes with several powerful tools inside allowing you to multiply the revenue of the marketing activities quickly.

Stories’ posts will be scheduled and automatically sent to users with multiple links to your sites and products. This is truly an essential package that you should purchase in order to achieve huge profits on Instagram. Follow my GramKosh v2.0 review below to learn more.

About the Creator – Gaurav & Saurabh

GramKosh v2.0 is the product of Gaurav Madaan and his fellow marketers. Considered as one of the most influenced marketers in the community, Gaurav is not an unfamiliar name. Started back in 2010 with his first domain, he paved his own as a digital marketing executive. Since then, he has earned massive success with products like VidVio, Rebake, Live Suite PRO and much more.

Today with this GramKosh v2.0 review, we will figure out whether this product can be another success. Let’s get to the detailed part of the review.

Features & Benefits

Dashboard – Powerful Function

The dashboard or the control panel is everything you need here at first. From here, you can create and schedule posts to directly send to Instagram Stories.

The Ultimate Auto

GramKosh v2.0 provides auto like and comment, auto follows and unfollows on selected posts with just a tap of a button.

Instagram Analytics

Now getting reports on how well your posts are doing is easier than ever. You can pull out a report with different measurements to quickly improve your campaigns.

Image Editor

No need to install any expensive but impractical editing tool. Because the GramKosh is packed with powerful Image Editor. This function allows users to adjust with multiple options such as Crop, Draw or Adding Text.

Live Preview

Just to make sure your posts look gorgeous before posting, check the Live Preview. This option shows you how the stories will look like. You can immediately fix your content to avoid any unwanted bug.

How Does It Work?

The GramKosh v2.0 is designed with an intuitive interface that suits best for every marketer. Even if you are a new one with no high-level knowledge, you still can find this easy to use.

Follow this detailed Demo video below to see how it works.

Who Is This For?

As mentioned above, with friendly user interface, GramKosh is made for all of you. If you want to take advantage of one of the biggest social networks to earn easy money, this is for you. This essential software offers you high-quality tools to immediately skyrocket your business and profits.

Highlights of GramKosh v2.0

  • Cloud-based
  • Emoji Integration
  • Content Generation
  • Complete Instagram Analytics
  • Provided Tutorials
  • Reasonable price

My Experience Using the GramKosh v2.0

Just like other billions of people, I am using Instagram on a daily basis. Most of the time is just for fun, but one day I wanted to promote my business there. Started with a regular account, I had facing difficulties to boost my followers, and the situation was just getting worse. Then I tried GramKosh v2.0 just because of Gaurav’s reputation.

The result was outstanding. All features that comes along performed excellently. My business revenue was rocketing. As until now, hundreds of people have become my loyal customers. I am over the cloud!


GramKosh is precisely a suite that is just for you. The one who is aiming at establish their first Instagram based business or attempting to broadcast their brand. No other products can compare to GramKosh. No need to pay hundreds of dollars to buy exclusive features since GramKosh has them all. I can’t recommend this enough.

Thank you for reading my GramKosh v2.0 review. Everything here is my honest opinion. See you next time with upcoming reviews.

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