Post Gopher Review

Post Gopher Review

The Best Tool To Boost Engagement On The Market



Nowadays, many marketers find it difficult to find a suitable application to boost engagement and maximize traffics in a competitive environment in the marketing world. There are also some reasons for marketers to worry about, such as they might not know how to start their business because they do not know where to start. Besides, they might be a newbie and do not have enough experience, and skills, and they want to promote their product closer to the customers. Making money is never easy. To solve this problem, a brand new tool has been born in our market. It is called Post Gopher!

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Post Gopher Overview

  • Vendor:
Promote Labs Inc
  • Product:
Post Gopher
  • Launch Date:
  • Front-End Price:
Only $27-$47
  • Sales Page:
Click Here
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend!

What Is Post Gopher?

Post Gopher is a WordPress plugin that transfers your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF files. It creates beautiful forms, combines directly with your autoresponder, captures leads, and sends out all the downloaded links on autopilot. Post Gopher instantly transforms existing pages, and post contents into fantastic designed downloadable contents, delivers automatically, and adds readers to your favorite auto-responder.

Post Gopher is a powerful, commercial plug-in that comes with marketing world. It’s easy to arrange, and hands-free in the procedure. It works with many themes. Post Gopher is very easy to use, the even newbie could use it. All you have to do is to select a few process options in the main panel, and then click the save button, and the plug-in will help you build up your subscribers, and brings traffic back to your site.

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Who Is the Vendor of Post Gopher?

Post Gopher is produced by the Promote Labs Inc with nine members. Simon Hodgkinson is the author, copywriter, marketer, and publisher who has more than 15 years of experiences in Internet Marketing and Digital Publishing. Jeremy Gislason is the co-founder of Promote Lab. Inc. He is the inventor, entrepreneur, marketer, and online business owner.

Nam Tran Ybarra is the operation manager, marketer, and entrepreneur. Sara is an accounting and billing specialist. Stephen Luc is the marketer and video product creator, he also a teaching business owner. Kunal Bedi is the heading technology and servers team for Promote Labs. Jenifer Taylor is the team leader, and Donna Eriquez is the customer specialist. The last member is Annie Tarala-the second customer specialist who listens and improves the company’s service for valued customers.

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What About Its Features?

There are so many great features in Post Gopher that I want to show you right now, so let’s take a look:

  • Renovate more readers to the subscribers

Post Gopher will convert existing page and post content instantly into downloadable design content, deliver it automatically and add readers to your auto-responder.

  • Change all your contents completely Hands-free

You will get more readers, increase subscribers, and followers significantly, and maximize the return traffics. And no technical or skill required.

  • Download management to ensure your succeed

The built-in figures panel can quickly categorize your posts. Track views, clicks, and opt-in rates. You will see a bird’s eye view in the PDF download and know when your customers and readers return to your blog.

  • Transfer post and pages into PDF files

Automatically convert your blog post or pages into targeted, high converting ‘lead magnet’ which can definite to involve your readers. It’s super easy. No more producing or setting up time-consuming inducement.

Works with separate or all posts, and pages categories, and with just a few clicks you will be able to grow the number of your subscribers!

  • Generates Lead Capture Form

Creating landing pages of the past. No more worries about the complexity of web form integrations.

  • Delivers ‘Lead Magnet’ To Reader

Activate Post Gopher, and everything is automated and hands-free. The system will send out a customizable email to your new subscribers with their download link.

The figures dashboard then gives details on your most popular posts, conversion rates, and even tracks when readers return to your page the links inside their PDF files.

User Experience:

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WordPress Experts Agree…

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Since my friends and I use Post Gopher, we found a lot of benefits it brings us, not only the high quality of the of products, the increase of work productivity, but we also receive many positive feedbacks and the trust-worthy from our customers. Post Gopher is not so complicated to use, even the newbie like us can use it easily. Many users who are marketers have used Post Gopher, and most of their comments about this product are positive comments. Most of them feel satisfied with Post Gopher, and I found no negative comments on this product.

Evaluation and Price:


The price of Post Gopher is only $47, make sure to remember the launch date on June 6th, 2017 at 11:00 EST. In addition, the front end is $27. You can purchase Post Gopher by Visa Card, Master Card, and Paypal.

For further information, please go to this website for more details:


Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all the readers who spend the time to read my Post Gopher Review. I hope after reading my review, you will have enough information about Post Gopher. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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