ReachMultiply Review

Reach Multiply Review

Schedule Your Facebook Page Performance


If you manage more than 1 Facebook pages or need to plan Facebook posts for a long period of time, scheduling posts on Facebook can be tiring. In that case, ReachMultiply will help to reduce your workload significantly. It helps you save time while increasing productivity at the same time. My ReachMultiply Review will cover the program’s greatest features and use.

Product Overview:

  • Vendor: Cyril Jeet et al
  • Product: Reach Multiply
  • Sales Page: Check OUT A Demo!
  • Launch Date: 2017-Feb-06
  • Front-End Price: Only $14/$27/$37/Month
  • Niche: Facebook Marketing – Social Media

ReachMultiply is a Facebook Marketing tool that allows you to manage the content campaign for all Facebook pages you are managing. The web-based app enables you to curate, plan and schedule posts for a page in weeks or months. With ReachMultiply, you can post your own text, image, video, link and custom content on any of your pages. All you need to do is to select and set, ReachMultiply will do the rest. Check out the next section in this ReachMultiply review to explore the app’s features.

Features of ReachMultiply

Create and manage campaign for all of your pages

ReachMultiply allows you to create and manage posting schedule using campaigns. It can be a link campaign, an image campaign, a text campaign, a video campaign, or a custom post campaign. A link campaign includes content from Google News. For an image campaign, you can search for content on Tumblr with keywords, GIF search, or upload your own content. A video campaign can look for most awesome videos on YouTube for you. What I really like about using campaign is that you can easily manage the content on your page in a clear order.

Use built-in Image Editor

This feature gives you the option to edit your image content to get better engagement. You can add text, backgrounds, filter, or apply other editing tools. There are various fonts, quotes and facts, and presets for you to use. You will save a lot of time looking for materials on the web.


You can easily follow your campaigns with the integrated visual calendar. It displays the date and time of all your scheduled and published the post. You can even edit your posting schedule here without navigating to the campaign section.

Custom your Posts

Here you can create campaigns for your custom posts. You can also customize posts with thumbnail images, title, and description. It also lets you optimize your custom posts to maximum reach and avoid overlap with other contents. Holiday or seasonal promotion campaign is also one feature of Custom posts.

Notification Module

The module will notify you when a campaign finishes or when scheduled posts are completed. Thanks to that, you can manage to not miss a single day of the post.

How Does ReachMultiply Work?

While doing an amazing management job, ReachMultiply works in a simple process that you can see below in my ReachMultiply review.

  • Step 1: Log in

You log in to the app on the website and log in to the Facebook account that you use to manage your page(s).

  • Step 2: Load pages

The app will load and list all the pages managed by your provided Facebook account. They are displayed at the Fan Pages tab.

  • Step 3: Create campaign

You can create as many campaigns as you wish for your pages. You will need to provide campaign name, campaign type, start and end date, and posting time at Campaigns tab.

  • Step 4: Create content

At Images, Videos, Links, Text, and Custom Content Tabs, you can create content for your campaign. Content can be yours or from the Internet like Tumble, Google News, YouTube. If you want, you can add the custom message to each post.

Prices & How to Buy It?

The Front-end version of ReachMultiply is available with three options of subscription: $14 for a monthly subscription, $27 for biennial subscription, and $37 for a yearly subscription!

If you are interested in other offers, you can find them down here in my ReachMultiply review. If you are not, you can scroll down to the next section. Offers include:

→ PRO Upgrade – $17/month, $47/year and $67 for lifetime access: You will have access to more powerful modules.

→ Agency and Team License – $37/month and $97 for lifetime license: Your agency and team can use ReachMultiply with some accounts.

→ InstaViral Powar Pro – $47: Help you grow on Instagram

→ Reseller – $67 for 100 licenses, $97 unlimited license: You have the rights to resell license and earn money!

Why Should You Buy Reach Multiply?

Complete system of post schedule

ReachMultiply allows you to create a content campaign, fill it with contents of all types and manage it easily. You can create a whole month schedule in some minutes. I really want to highlight this feature in my Reach Multiply review because I find it easier to track and control my content campaign with the app’s modules.

Web-based app

It is a web-based app, so no installation required. You just need to log into the app and your Facebook account to use all the features.

User-friendly interface

The simple and easy to use interface makes it easy for users to navigate around. You won’t have to dig around to find a module or option.

Moreover, you only have to pay nearly 50 dollars to have it. This is the smallest price I have ever seen, and you can use your Paypal, Visa, or Master Card to pay. Isn’t it convenient?


ReachMultiply is such a great tool to manage content posting schedule on the Facebook page. I think it will be a savior to anyone with various pages or anyone who is planning a long vacation and still have to manage Facebook page. I hope my ReachMultiply review has given you a suggestion for your Facebook marketing. Thank you for reading!

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