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As a matter of fact, we are all aware of the powerful impacts of the digital development on our daily lives. When it comes to online business, if you know how to take advantage of this massively potential source, you will sooner or later succeed in your field.

However, not everyone is able to identify how to implement automation technology in their businesses. Therefore, Smarketly has been developed not only to help you quickly turn your campaigns into automatic ones, but also assist you in the management process.

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Smarketly Review – Overview

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Craig Crawford et al
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10:00 EDT
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Highly recommend!

What Is It?

In general, Smarketly is a feature-packed marketing automation system which allows you to generate profit-pulling funnels by using landing pages, along with popups, notifications, emails rules based on the collected data about customers’ behaviors. As a result, you can gather all your favorite promotional tools in one platform, thus permitting you to save a considerable amount of time and effort.

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About Author – Craig Crawford


Craig Crawford, along with his partners, has formed a team that stands behind several trending product launches on JVZoo. With over a decade of experience in this field, they have together achieved multiple best-selling offers under their supervision, such as Aiwis, Breeze Builder, Social Sales System, FB Live Engagenator, Quick Start Challenge T100 Coaching Program and so on.

Due to their forward-looking vision as product creators, along with their prestigious reputation within their niche, I have no doubt that this time, Smarketly will be another buzzing hit. The next segment of my Smarketly Review will continue analyzing this product’s features.

About Smarketly Team

Smarketly is a dynamic software engineering company with offices in Tel Aviv and Kyiv. They have tailored an affordable, highly-developed marketing automation solution for marketers, putting advanced marketing automation features at your fingertips.

Established in 2016, Smarketly was borne out of the idea that marketing does not have to be brain surgery and take up so much time and resources. With Smarketly, you’ll grow every step of the way, from setting up your first funnel to launching a customer retention campaign.

Features & Benefits

Here is a summary of what Smarketly has to offer:

  • Generate high-converting advanced funnels that enable you to put the whole sales process under control
  • Provide a collection of professional done-for-you funnel templates, then customize them based on your personal purposes
  • Drag and drop technology gives you the ability to set up overlays, opt-in forms, emails and landing pages in a few simple clicks
  • Integrate with numerous third-party web services and applications
  • Automatically send personal and relevant drip emails or broadcasts to your potential clients based on their current positions in the buying process
  • Produce professional pop-ups using the ready-made templates, then insert them into your landing pages in order to advertise multiple product offers
  • Create custom audiences depending on the collected data on complete autopilot, so you will be able to identify clearly your potential customers
  • Offer deep insight into the analytics and reports on how well your campaigns are performing!

How Does It Work?

If you want to have a practical understanding of how Smarketly actually works in reality, please pay a visit to its official sales page right away for more information. The demo videos representing the process of implementing this tool to your business site.

Who Should Buy It?

From my point of view, Smarketly is best suited to online marketers who are too busy to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. To be specific, Facebook lets you set up different custom audiences depending on their behaviors, as well as reach out to them on Facebook with proper messaging settings.

Moreover, this platform is also a great choice for newbies in the field of digital marketing because Smarketly enables them to run a series of automated campaigns. Additionally, this widget is able to send trigger emails in order to convey your message to the right audience.

The next segment of Smarketly Review is going to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Experience

I also want to share my personal results and achievements that I’ve had with this product through Smarketly review.

First and foremost, Smarketly lets you handle your promotional campaigns using the ready-made funnel templates. You can even produce your new ones by making a combination of forms, emails, overlays, landing pages and so on in any order. Not to mention that this tool integrates with a wide variety of helpful third-party applications and services.

In addition, you can also set automation rules depending on the behavioral data obtained from several different channels. As a result, you will be able to decide to perform appropriate sales and marketing actions. Also, Smarketly allows you to attract the attention of potential customers through the professional overlays and opt-in forms.

Evaluation and Price

If you are keen on purchasing this potential weapon for your business, do not forget to make a note on your calendar on November 15, 2017. In addition, the current front-end price ranges from $37 to $297, which is a much more affordable price than similar counterparts. However, as this price may increase with every sale, I highly recommend that you make up your mind quickly.

Besides the ordinary services, Smarketly comes along with an extra money back policy. To put it another way, if you do not want to continue using Smarketly, this guarantee lets you receive your money back without further questions asked. This is a big plus for the entire package.


The Bottom Line

Last but not least, I want to admit that I am extremely grateful to you guys – my beloved readers – for keeping up with this Smarketly review to the very last line. My personal analysis has hopefully provided you with a more general understanding of how this package works. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime if you have any questions!

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