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The Best Way To Rank Top Your Video


The video is one of the most important factors of online advertisements. All of the marketers always use all methods they can to rank top their videos on Youtube or Google’s search engine. Therefore, Mo Miah – an internet marketer created a software which supports them to push rank of videos. This is also the product I will tell in my review.

However, I must explain something about rank top a video for some people who are not experts in this aspect and don’t understand about this story. When a customer looks for a product, for example, washing machines, he will search on Google some keywords which are relevant to this product such as “where to buy washing machine” or “the best washing machine” or “LG washing machine review” and many other keywords like that. And after they click enter, thousands of results will appear on Google pages, so many pages.

Unfortunately, your customer has a little time and patience to research all of these links on all pages; they just click to some webs which are on top 10 on the first pages of Google. The same story also happens on Youtube pages. This is the reason why all marketing companies need SEO specialists to rank top their keywords and videos. If their videos are on top, this means more visitors they can have.

But now, with Video Wave, you don’t need to hire SEO staffs for this task. This software will play this role and You can skip this Video Wave review and try it now for the real experiences…

Product Overview:

Creator:John Gibb & Mo Miah
Product:Video Wave
Launch Date:2016-09-08
Support:Effective Response
Front-End Price:Only $47

Who Is The Author?

Mo Miah is a well-known author. He has had some software which helps every internet marketer so much in online business such as eCom Pages, eCom Empire, InstaNiche, Serplify, Vyco, Co Embed, etc.

What Is Video Wave?

As I said in my introduction, Video Wave is a software which helps everyone easy to rank their keywords, build out gorgeous 3D animated videos around them and then push links of videos on top on the first page of Google and Youtube. Moreover, this software increases your ability to sell your products through video advertising.

Features of Video Wave & How Does It Work?

I will detail the features of this product in my Video Wave review after using it some time. You can see these features from the way it works.

Video Wave helps rank top your video by three simple steps:

  • The first step is researching keywords

This is a very important stage for each SEO specialist or marketer because you can rank top more easily and faster if you can choose the best set of keywords. Normally, this task takes you quite much time to choose the most suitable one which has not only many times of searching but also has a low level of competition. However, the keywords which have many customers looking for often is very competitive. This is a difficult problem for most of the SEO specialists.

When you have Video Wave, you will not be hard with this duty. You just need to enter your keyword in the software, and this tool will give out many related keywords that are easy to rank in just a few seconds.

  • Next step is building video

This software has many tools which will support you to build a product easily and quickly. Video Wave has Text-To-Speech Engine with eight languages so you can create your video no matter which language you speak and where you come from. Although you can’t speak English, you are still able to do with this software.

You also have a live video with app “voice over” and “webcam recorder”. Your video will be quite real and lively. Besides, Video Wave has a media library for royalty free images, audio, and video footage. You can use these files to create a wonderful video. Of course, a good video can’t in the lack of effects and transitions. All of them are included in this software.
These modern technologies will help you build a perfect video as you want.

  • And the final stage is ranked video

You can upload the video to Youtube in Video Wave and get it ranked by having it syndicated to the top social networks and video sharing sites. You also throw in your SEO Catalyst application in as a bonus and then they can use PBN to help with the rankings as well.
In short, Video Wave is a very intelligent software. Your task will become simple with this product.

Video Wave’s Benefits

Following my Video Wave review and you will see the benefits you can get from this software.
You can save time to do other things because this software helps you research keywords and build a perfect video in the fastest way.

You can save money because you don’t have to hire many SEO specialists to rank top your video. The quality of videos will attract viewers by itself.
You can sell your products more easily when your customers are interested in your videos and the result, of course, is more profits for you. Video Wave is AMAZING Software and NOT SCAM so when is the right time to buy Video Wave Pro!


If you are a marketer and meeting difficulties with your viral videos, you should find the software in my Video Wave review; it can help you more.
If you have any problem you don’t understand, you can comment, and I will answer you is I know.

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