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In this video-based world, perhaps nothing is more appeal than a high-quality video. The same logic applies to video marketing. Modern marketers now switch to videos as a means of communication as it offers a better way to engage with the audiences.

That is my purpose of writing this VideoWhizz Review: to introduce a modern technology that has never been shared before. VideoWhizz will certainly blow your mind by its capacity to do things for you.

Now let’s continue and find out what VideoWhizz is and why it is so special.

VideoWhizz Review – Overview

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Dr. Amit Pareek
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Only $27-$37
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What Is VideoWhizz?

VideoWhizz is a cloud-based video marketing technology that offers users a bunch of stunning features. It can notify, monetize, customize and even personize video marketing to boost conversions, sales and opt-in without bringing any technological obstacles to users.

Besides, VideoWhizz provides a platform which enables users to deliver their attractive videos that are specifically designed for each subscriber. Amazing, isn’t it?

The ultimate purpose of VideoWhizz is to get customers’ attention as long as possible. This helps improve engagement and customer support as VideoWhizz solves your problems before they really happen.

About Author – Dr. Amit Pareek


Dr. Amit Pareek is a famous product creator in the world of marketing. The number of digital products he successfully developed and launched is so large that I can’t remember. There are some products I think you have heard of or even used: Video Ads in a Biz Box, ProfitMozo, SociTrafficJet, Facebook Marketing 3.0, the list goes on.

Now we shall move onto the next part of the VideoWhizz Review to see what its special features are.

Feature Details


Marketers, especially digital marketers are always in search of optimization solution that can maintain and improve user engagement. To make that happen, things like the lead gate, promo gate, video pop-ups, share gate in the videos can actually grasp users’ attention. VideoWhizz provides you with all elements such as Exit Video Pop-ups, On scroll Video Pop-ups, On Delay Video Pop-ups to make you capture attention easier.


Integration of affiliate links and Google Adsense with video marketing campaigns would be a perfect way to make money. This kind of integration will not be considered as spam or scam content in the eyes of viewers. In contrast, it helps boost click-through-rates magnificently.

VideoWhizz also features increased CTR. This literally means more leads, higher conversions, and more sales.


Don’t worry about the videos bring stereotype or monotonous because you can effortlessly customize it with a lot of default skins.

Designing video thumbnail, CTA buttons, defining annotations, multi-screen frames, and positioning brands’ logo are just some of the things you can freely design just however you want.


By personalization, I mean you can personalize prospect emails just by embedding videos. Email receivers would be so surprised to know that you acknowledge their name. It works on the campaigns and promos as well. VideoWhizz helps your customer-centric strategies work better in this harshly competitive world.

How Does It Work?

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to how to use VideoWhizz. You will find guiding document and tutorial in the package along with other elements.

Who Should Use It?

Marketers, product creators, affiliate marketers, freelancers, offline businesses, bloggers are those who will need VideoWhizz the most. It will help them a lot in making their videos outstanding and eye-catching.


In this part of the VideoWhizz Review, I will point out some things that VideoWhizz does better than its competitors and what VideoWhizz fail to offer. Let’s follow!

First of all, VideoWhizz is an excellent platform in helping users capture the attention of users. VideoWhizz provides features that allow you to upgrade your customer-centric strategies easily (acknowledging their name in the videos, etc).

Second of all, the ability to integrate with other advanced platforms gives you many good opportunities to earn more money. A lot of similar products on the market do not offer this feature.

However, the thing I quite dislike about VideoWhizz is that it is not totally newbie-friendly. Due to the fact that it provides advanced features, it would be hard for newbies to understand what to do and how to do with them. So I won’t recommend this technology for those who have just come to the industry for the first time. Marketers with a few years involving in the industry or even professionals are recommendable.

Learn More: VidFly by Dr. Amit Pareek!

Evaluation and Price

All in all, VideoWhizz is a pretty excellent platform to support us conducting our campaigns. It would be a great chance to speed up productivity by approaching the latest technology in video marketing.

VideoWhizz is available at $30 – an affordable price for anyone to upgrade their business. Also, there are a lot of exclusive bonuses waiting for you to get. So if you are interested in this product, you had better hurry!


I sincerely hope this VideoWhizz Review is beneficial to you. Hope it helps. I wish you all the best. Goodbye!

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